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Metal racks, store shelves, shop furniture, storage shelves, archive shelves. The modular  metal shelves are made up of a 0.8 mm double reinforced steel sheet painted in an electrostatic field. Each shelf thus constructed can successfully withstand up to 100kg of weight.


For balance, it is recommended that products be placed on the surface of the entire shelf. The shelves marketed by the Camsan brand exclusively in Romania are TUV, CE and EN ISO 9001 certified and are extremely flexible, with many possibilities of operation and can be easily installed. An advantage of these shelves is that the user is not limited to the number of standard policies, and more can be added, as required.


The shelf price is calculated with a single vertical profile (pillar / foot) because the second profile comes from the next shelf and connects to each other. Thus, when purchasing 3 wall racks, to be mounted in series, four vertical profiles are required. This relieves the customer from buying two profiles on the shelf. Finally, after a series is finished, a profile and a soleplate called Montant Final are added and purchased separately from the shelf.


Many shelves in the shops are perforated, ie they are made up of a rectangular wall panel that has several perforations for single or double hooks, as required. In grocery stores mainly shelves made of sheet metal are used, because they have shelves that bear heavy loads and which are suitably dyed in the electrostatic field.

Shelves with perforated panels from Frame are ideal for any store and any field. The shelf with a perforated back has a height of 225 cm and a width of 65 or 100 cm. It contains a base depth of 50 cm deep and another 40 cm deep suspended shelf. Hooks (hooks) are optional and do not fit into the shelf price. Hooks have different sizes and support a weight of 1- 1.5 kg

Modular Store Shelving
Rafturi metalice
Modular Store Shelving
Modular Store Shelving
Rafturi magazin
Modular Store Shelving
Modular Store Shelving
Raft metalic modular
Modular Store Shelving
Modular Store Shelving
Mobilier magazin
Modular Store Shelving
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FrameWorks SRL commercializes a wide range of metallic shelves for commercial and industrial spaces, professional aluminum ladders, height-adjustable mobile scaffolding, multifunctional ladders with two or three sections. Frameworks SRL is the exclusive representative in Romania of the Cagsan brand, recognized in the field of aluminum ladders and mobile platforms. The products manufactured by Cagsan are certified, re...
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Frameworks SRL is the best choice in Romania for industrial metallic shelves and storage shelves. By choosing the products here you have the guarantee that they will help your warehouse to operate as efficiently and profitably as possible. Resistance, durability and safety are the three characteristics of the metallic shelves at Frameworks SRL!
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